I am seeking something.  I am seeking narrative.  And not just any narrative, but rather the right narrative. The one that makes sense to me. The one that explains my life to me.

It does not have to be my narrative (but it might be, if I can just find the right words for it). It does not have to be made of words, even. But it has to be something that I recognize, that has faces that I recognize, that has turns of event and motivations that feel right. And it has to hold together with a heartfelt logic that brings it all together under one unifying theme.

So much of what I see and read and hear seems to emanate from strangers living in a foreign land. There is nothing of myself that I see in those characters (both fictional and real).  Which leaves me to wander the margins, occasionally peeking around corners, hoping to find what I’m seeking.

I know it’s out there, if only I keep looking….

Everything’s a story, and all postings, unless specifically tagged as fiction, are true.

All postings on this blog are Copyrighted by Matthew D. Taylor, and I alone am responsible for the content. All rights reserved. (Reblogging is okay.) All pictures are by me unless otherwise indicated; no re-use without permission.

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